Napa Valley reputation as the best wine producer in the world

It's no secret that California is one of the most well-known wine producers. However, have you ever thought that you would be able to do wine tasting at one of the most popular tourist destinations in California? For those of you who have stopped by Napa Valley may already know well enjoy tasting wine after having a spa massage session after a day of tired gazing at the valley from the height of a balloon that is reserved especially for the tourists? In the Indian language, "Napa" means "Land of Plenty" (fertile soil that gives prosperity).

The Indians are gardening in the region, producing vegetables and fruit in abundance. In 1836, George Calvert Yount discovered the potential of Napa Valley as an ideal place to plant wine. In 1861, the first commercial winery was founded by Charles Krug. His steps were soon followed by other wine makers. In the period of less than three decades, in Napa has stood about 140 wineries. The French and Italian people who are well-known for their wine-making traditions, begin to arrive and settle in this area. 

One who raised Napa was a man who now has a big name, namely Robert Mondavi. The Italian people began making wine in Napa in 1966, and by the end of the decade had begun marketing the red wine to the market. Cabernet Sauvignon from Robert Mondavi it turned out to be quite electrifying. Shortly thereafter, in 1976 the product of Robert Mondavi appeared as the last number-seeded in a wine tasting test in Paris. Napa's reputation as the world's leading wine and wine producer is no longer restrained. Suddenly the world sees there "another world" that produces wine and wine outside of Europe.

From here it began to emerge the term "new World" in wine trade. Besides the excellent quality of wine and wine quality, the success of Napa as a wine country is supported by the marketing of the sniper. In the 1980 's decade, Robert Mondavi toured the United States to educate wine and restaurant owners and Sommelier (wine Butler). Robert Mondavi also organized a variety of community meeting events to speak about the meaning of wine in culture and civilization. The Pamor wine of Napa is increasingly kinclong. In a short time, Napa – and also Sonoma has been an essential wine supplier for the world. In terms of quantity, the production is supported by possible land extention. In terms of quality, there is a quality improvement supported by the acceptance of the afficionados. Now, in Napa can be found more than 400 wineries – large or small.