The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects the City of San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects the City of San Francisco, California on the San Francisco Peninsula and Marin District, California. This bridge is also an opening from the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco Bay. Some time ago, this bridge full of history was even 80 years old. Even though they are considered old, many don't know about the bridge.Steel bridges originating from Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, were sent through the Panama Canal.

Opened since 1937, the bridge has cost construction of US $ 35 million or Rp. 405.4 billion. It took up to four years for all construction workers to complete the bridge connecting the two US regions that were split between the Golden Gate straits. One of the California icons, Golden Gate is able to stand proudly with a stretch of two iron cables over 7,000 feet long. Not surprisingly, the bridge connecting San Francisco with the Marin headland has been recorded as the longest tower in the world.

Even two bridge support towers once defeated the entire building in Francisco. All foundations and supports are firmly fixed in the concrete beneath the waters. Eight years ago was the longest suspension bridge in the world, but now only ranks ninth. The towers are the highest in the world until 1998. Until the Verrazano-Narrows, New York bridge was completed in 1964, the Golden Gate continues to occupy the top position as the longest bridge in the world. Its construction is under the supervision of Joseph B. Strauss through various difficulties ranging from fog to storm. One storm destroyed access and caused serious damage to the part of the bridge being built.

The problem of rocks in the bottom of the waters also had become a major obstacle in the construction of the bridge. The first earthquake that hit it in 1935, before the bridge was finished. The construction elevator broke, causing a dozen workers to be trapped in one of the main towers as they swayed. The US War Department wants a bridge painted with yellow and black lines to increase its visibility to the ship. However, the US Air corps wants red and white lines. Fortunately, the bridge architect Irving Morrow assured everyone in orange instead. The architect of the bridge, Irving Morrow, is a graduate of UC Berkeley.