Grand Canyon, Phenomenal Natural Uniqueness in the State of Arizona

Grand Canyon, phenomenal natural uniqueness in the state of Arizona, United States. The Grand Canyon is actually a steep canyon, similar to a cliff, which is split by the winding Colorado River. With a length of 446 km, width of up to 29 km, and depth of up to 1,800 meters, it is a spectacular natural process for millions of years to form the Grand Canyon into a stunning panorama in the Arizona state district, like a giant carved masterpiece in a rocky region barren but beautiful.

Grand Canyon, phenomenal natural uniqueness in the state of Arizona, United States, which can be witnessed from Guano Point. With a wide location, there are not a few good spots to admire the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but in general the tourist destination is divided into four parts that correspond to the direction of the wind, namely North, East, South and West. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is in the west (Grand Canyon West), among the latest attractions in the Grand Canyon that are the most appealing for height lovers.

The trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon really spoils the eyes. The vast expanse of desert with high cliff cliffs seems to be the opening menu. We also passed the Hoover Dam that held the Colorado river flow. This dam was built in 1935 and is still felt by one of the technological wonders of modern times. After about 2 hours, we arrived at the last point where the car can enter the Grand Canyon West area, next to the pioneer airport.

Grand Canyon West is a home as well as a protection area for Native American tribes, namely Hualapai. Hualapai is more popularly known as the Indians, although this is actually wrong when Columbus thought the Americas was India, the true destination of the Columbus expedition. Not surprisingly, the first greeting after getting off the car was "Welcome to the Hualapai Nation." I was immediately stunned to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon from close by.

The high reddish-brown cliffs are decorated with stripes of rock layers with a winding stretch of Colorado River, truly the glory of the Creator that cannot be matched. As far as the eye can see is desert, steep canyons and rivers that look so small down there.